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Stepping Stones

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn’s Stepping Stones program is a free, short-term, therapeutic service for children aged 12 and under who have experienced trauma. Trauma may involve a single incident like a car accident or assault, repeated traumatic incidents such as abuse, neglect, or witnessing family violence.

About the Stepping Stones Service

Through a trauma-informed multidisciplinary team approach, we support children and their families to recover from the impacts of adverse childhood experiences (trauma) with a particular focus on the child’s mental health, well-being and development.

As part of Stepping Stones, children may receive individual or group psychological treatment for the symptoms of trauma which may include; emotional difficulties, behavioural changes, nightmares, anxiety, grief and low mood. They may also receive support to develop skills that have not developed properly due to being in a traumatic situation.

Families and carers play an integral role in supporting their child’s recovery and as such, they will also play an integral role in the treatment process. Families and carers will be supported to understand the impact of trauma on their child, assisting them to develop strategies to support the child’s recovery and onward development.


The service is designed to reach children in the ACT aged 12 and under who have experienced trauma and are not currently receiving psychological support. Upon entry to the service, the family will be required to engage in a thorough assessment to determine if the service is best able to meet the child’s needs.

Please be aware that the Stepping Stones service may have a significant waitlist, however we endeavour to respond to your referral in a timely manner.


Families can self-refer to the service by completing the referral form or contacting our team on 6163 7600.

Our referral form can be accessed here: Stepping Stones Referral Form.

Children can also be referred to the service by another health professional (such as their GP or Paediatrician) or another service provider.

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To contact a member of our team call 6163 7600 or email us at

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