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Relationship & Pre-Marriage Education

CatholicCare is a leading provider in Relationship Education in the ACT. Our highly skilled and experienced Relationship Educators facilitate relationship courses for couples, including those preparing to get married.  The 2 courses on offer are FOCCUS and REFOCUSS.

Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study (FOCCUS)

The FOCCUS is a course for marriage preparation and is used by many priests, celebrants and educators who are helping to prepare couples for marriage. It can help you study, understand and communicate openly about many things that are important to your relationship. FOCCUS is not designed to predict marriage success or failure. It is designed to facilitate the process by which couples have an opportunity to explore the strengths in their relationship and the areas that they wish to develop further.

The FOCCUS Group sessions for 2020 :

April 7th

May 12th

June 2nd

July 7th

August 4th

September  1st

October  6th

November  3rd

The REFOCCUS course is a marriage enrichment designed to help couples think about, understand and discuss their relationship. The course covers 6 major areas including;

  • Marriage as a process,
  • Intimacy,
  • Compatibility,
  • Communication,
  • Commitment and if relevant,
  • Ministry Marriages

REFOCCUS does not measure the quality of a couples’ relationship but helps affirm what is strong in the marriage and helps couples explore areas ready for growth and/or problem solving.

There is a fee associated with these courses. For enquiries and registrations call us on 6162 6100

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