How you can make a difference

Hands On Studio

This year marks the 25th year of operation for CatholicCare’s Hands On Studio. The studio is home to more than 120 artists with varying disabilities and is a leader in the field of arts for people with disabilities in the Canberra region. The studio is guided by the principle that art is fundamental to human expression, and that all people are entitled to its tools of communication.

The ages of the artists who attend the weekly program range from 19-96, a very broad cohort with different life experiences and varying wants, needs, and desires. The artists collaborate with their peers as well as local and interstate artists to extend their practice, develop an individual style and foster a sense of community.

Hands On Studio has become a leader in the field of arts and disabilities in the Canberra region.

Please take a few minutes and follow the link to learn about the history of Hands On Studio and watch our short film.

To support this wonderful opportunity for artists please donate today and help support someone to reach their artistic goals.


When an organisation is as diverse as CatholicCare, your generous donation can contribute to supporting people to make a difference in many ways. Your donation will go towards the various programs and services that CatholicCare provides throughout Canberra and the surrounding Southern NSW Regions.


A gift left in your Will to CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn will go towards supporting people in your community that our services reach each year. If you are thinking about leaving a bequest, your generosity will make a positive contribution to people in need.